Adult education to get your GED and better succeed at job, life!


Who We Are

We are a GED preparation program here to help you succeed in earning your GED credential and planning for your future.


To create a safe, caring, respectful environment for learning in which students acquire the skills they need to succeed in life and in work.

"I constantly felt looked down upon for not having achieved a high school diploma. Through the Potterville Adult Education Program, I will achieve both of my goals of a high school diploma and a newfound level of confidence.”

-J. Terry, 23

Student Testimonials

“The PAE Program has helped me get my ticket to better jobs, better money, as well as a better future.”

-M. Wyman, 30

“When I found out they offered it, I was so happy because I thought that there were no other programs. I thought I would never finish. Now I am going to give it all that I got to get it done.”

-D. Picard, 54

“PAE means another chance at being

a role model for my kids. It means

having a better chance at life and a

chance to not just help myself but to

one day help others as well as make

my community and family proud.”

-L. Benn, 25