Adult education to get your GED and better succeed at job, life!


Who We Are

We strive to assist in achieving success in learning for those who have not experienced educational successes in either the traditional high school setting or those who have not yet obtained their diploma or GED Diploma.  


To create a safe, caring, respectful environment for learning in which students acquire the skills they need to succeed in life and in work.


Student Testimonials

"I constantly felt looked down upon for not having achieved a high school diploma. Through the PAE Program I will achieve both of my goals of a HS diploma and a newfound level of confidence…”

-J. Terry, 23

“The PAE Program has/is helping me get my ticket to better jobs, better money, as well as a better future…”

-M. Wyman, 30

“PAE means another chance at being a role model for my kids. It means having a better chance at life and a chance to not just help myself but to one day help others as well as make my community and family proud.”

-L. Benn, 25

“When I found out they offered it, I was so happy because I thought that there were no other programs. I thought I would never finish. Now I am going to give it all that I got to get it done.”

-D. Picard, 54